1. Offers, location, and context. Roximity’s road to CES with Ford.

    You may have heard about our big hackathon win with Ford at TechCrunch Disrupt this summer, but what exactly are we building?

    Here’s the inside scoop. Offers, location, and context.

    Ford’s new vehicles are equipped with Ford SYNC. Ford SYNC “helps you keep your eyes on the road and connected to your world”. From directions to recommendations, Ford SYNC puts all of the tools you’re used to on your phone, in your vehicle without any work.

    So how is Roximity taking advantage of this technology? Integrating Roximity with Ford SYNC provides drivers with voice-controlled, hands-free access to our offers. We’re tapping into the location aware service, and providing those same awesome offers directly to you in your vehicle in a really unique, contextually aware way.

    Jump in your car on a cold winter morning, SYNC will ask if you need a coffee or a bagel? Instead of just listing off the nearest coffee and bagel shops, SYNC hooks up with Roximity to find the nearest coffee and bagel shops with offers too.

    Driving by your favorite lunch spot? Guess what, Roximity knows there is an offer there, just for today. Ford SYNC and Roximity do a little magic, and as you get closer to that good nosh, your Ford vehicle gives you a heads up.

    We’re hacking feverishly with Ford to launch Roximity at CES in January and will keep you updated with our progress here (and of course drop us a line with any questions or feedback to contact@roximity.com too!)

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