1. Roximity Black Friday, what did we do?

    A few weeks ago we asked all of you to sign up for our earliest beta. We wanted to test our systems and give out a few goodies to our early adopters in the process.

    Well, our Black Friday beta definitely rocked because of you. We had an overwhelming number of signups, and were able to push out those hyperlocal deals to Roximity members in key cities across the country. 

    So what exactly were we looking for during the beta?

    We we’re testing our geofencing around the partners locations, as well as little nuances like when two locations overlap. All systems a go.

    We also wanted to work with those initial partners on perfecting the redemption process. We know that some location deals are hard to redeem when you actually get to the merchant. And on the flip side, a lot of these types of deals are hard for the merchant to accept too.

    We think we had the right mix of ease on both sides. The redemption process with simple SMS or MMS with customized QR/bar codes seemed to go over well.

    We also mentioned that we were giving away some silky smooth Roximity t-shirts, and well, we just haven’t given out enough. So, for the next week, we’ll give out a t-shirt a day to 1 lucky Facebook pal.

    As we continue to work, your feedback is crucial for us to build some awesome stuff. So drop us a line team@roximity.com. (Oh, and make sure to give us some Facebook and Twitter love too!)

    Yours Truly,


    Looking to be one of our merchants to go live with us for our launch? Give us a little information here and we’ll get right back to you.

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